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Tumblr. The mecca of all things social. To many who are a part of it, tumblr serves a community of friends whether you know the person or not. A place to destress, identify with people across the country, make friends, voice your opinion, and create a blog to display all the things you love. To some it is almost an elite community.

I joined the blogging community of Tumblr almost 2 years ago. I had one blog deleted it. Made another. I have made a blog to serve as a community for those who have lost a parent of family member to cancer. I have found friends in people I have never met. They give me support, uplifting words when I need it, and my back when people try to troll my blog. I have befriended memebers of my sorority at various universities. Told secrets to people that I have never met. There is something about the Tumblr community that holds a special place in me.

Now from the professional stand point, that is great and all but can Tumblr really benefit people at a professional or businesses level?

Tumblr may just look like a collection of misfits or a place full of goofy memes and rants about life. But among those hides conversations, opinions about damn near everything, and wishes/hopes for products and brands. Maybe it is something that busineses and companies should take the time to look into. Just like in wordpress blogs you can tag topics and others things. With a simple search of the tag it could reveal conversations and comments about whatever they happen to search for. People are always talking about this business, this awesome new store/restaurant they went to, this item of technology that was a total flop or that they have to have.

Tumblr may not be for everyone. It may be more of a place to observe. A place to see what the buzz is about things or how people are talking about your brand or product. For some companies such as Adam Black Designs a growing custom clothing maker for Greek letter organizations it has more value. A place for him to interact with greeks about what they want to see or for people to follow what new things are going on. A grassroots way to interact without having to shell out big bucks. I have noticed other smaller businesses joining. Every once in a while I run across them and I like what I see. So whether it is simply observing and taking note or having a blog to interact and utilize.

Tumblr may not have as much professional value as Twitter and Facebook have accumulated and it is possible it never will. I do feel that it shouldn’t be over looked and seen as only a place for teens and college kids to vent lifes frustrations.


Comments on: "Tumbln’ here Tumbln’ there. Tumblr? Useful or Useless." (4)

  1. This was a cool post. I never really have been involved with Tumblr but after class and reading this, I am definitely going to check it out. I think its great that you use it for such a good cause and I’m glad to hear its helping you out. You said it could be more of a place to observe, which is right up my alley and I will definitely be looking into it.

    • I totally would! Make one, goof around. You would be surprised. I have pen pals with sorority girls all over the country because of it.

  2. eff-yeah! (lol) long-time Tumblr user here! 🙂

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