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Engage 10 and 11

SO for whatever reason, my blogs have not been posting publicly.  Prepare to be bombarded with post updates since I am trying to fix this ordeal.

I found both these chapters to be very interesting. Chapter 10 especially. This is something I really wanted to learn about. How to optimize social media and measure it. Sure you can post things all day every day, but how effective is your content? How do you know you are reaching your target audience?

I realize there is so much more to social objects. Like Brian said, they take the form of content to spark a response/conversation. How do you take that social object and truly optimize it?

As much as I was looking forward to chapter 10 it also posed a bit of challenge when it came to really understanding content, SEO’s, etc. Parts still confuse me a bit. I even found myself having to reread certain chapters. I found the snippet about the back channel interesting espeically because I watch Channel 7 for local news and They have their own back channel on twitter. They are timely and respond to almost everyone about whatever views happen to tweet the back channel about. Back channels really add to helping a community communicate in a honest and authentic way. I found it interesting how Brian explained that when you use back channel you have to be careful to not exhaust yourself. You should encourage responses be tween one another not just between business and consumer.

Social media optimization. When I read this section, Ill have to admit Im still a fan off traditional search. Google is in my everyday activities. However, while working on this PLN project I have seen just how traditional searches are not the only thing. Im looking through twitter posts and people to find information, find people to talk to about my focus, network. It is rather fascinating. When Brian did the break down of the different types it made me realize just how much is out there. Coming from seeing social media as facebook, twitter, and blogs to realizing there is much more to the social networking universe.It is interesting to realize that liking something is the new “favorites”. I guess I never really looked at it like that. I personally look at “liking” and favoriting” as two totally different things. If all my likes were filed under my favorites it would be a nightmare to say the least. haha.

Chapter 11 just like chapter 10 was both interesting and confusing. Maybe it is because I am an active learner. I have do it or see in real life to understand.

So if I understood correctly, when looking at aggression you think of activity streams, like on your facebook or twitter dashboard. The continuous scroll of status updates, photos, RT, etc. Were syndication is taking that like/share and for lack of better words plastering the same things across many social networks. I think the one thing that ticks me the most when it comes to syndication and posting something across several channels is how people cross lingo into other places. I can’t think of anything more that ticks me off than when someone uses hashtags in places like facebook. I want twitter lingo to stay in twitter and facebook to stay in facebook. Don’t be lazy if you want to post it across several networks take the time to catter to that networks lingo.

It was also cool to see things Ive learned in my marketing classes cross into Brian’s book. Where he talks about the buying process is something I have been very familiar with. Social media is something I have found often talked about in EMU’s business classes to read about it and see how it works itself in there found very helpful.


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