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Engage Chapter 12

I found chapter 12 to be bother interesting and helpful. I’ve mentioned before I have several tumblr blogs, this wordpress, and my fingers in many different social media outlets. I know especially when it comes to my blogs creating a presence and personality that is consistent through all my blogs can be challenging.

I know that it can be difficult even more so for brands. You have to reflect the brands personality and not compromise it. They also have to keep with it. Just having a twitter profile or a youtube channel out there counts for nothing. It goes back to having a presence, quality content, and being authentic. I liked how Brian posed that list of questions shortly into the chapter. Do they take the time to think how do they wished to be viewed? What do they stand for?

I liked how he referred to establishing profiles as Multiple personalities- again staying consistent across channels. I know I as a consumer like to see consistency. I don’t want to go to twitter and see how you present yourself and how you interact with consumers and then go to facebook to see a lack there of. I think that it is important at everyone is one the same page. Knowing what the company wants, what they stand for, characteristics, values, who your consumers are.

After reading this chapters, I feel that Brian really understands and communicated in this chapter just how important our brand personality and consistency is in social media.


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