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Chapter 4& 5 response

I would first like to throw out there how much I actually enjoy this book. One of the first if not the only I have enjoyed reading in my 5 years here at Eastern Michigan.

So one thing that Brian Solis pointed out early on in the chapter was how the implications are profound. That we have the capability of reaching far beyond radio and TV. Also how it has to be earned.  I related this back to myself with Twitter. As of recently I have been able to really reach out and network. When I was tweeting about the State of the Union address a few weeks ago I was be retweeted by people across the US. People were responding to me that I have never met. I also have been taking initiative and following people in my field and that have been tweeting about things that I like and not just my friends. And it has really paid off. I have recently connect with Chad Wiebesick who is the head of social media for Pure Michigan. It is so cool to see how you can connect with people with the help of social media.

Brian then goes into talking about blogs. A community I am very much a part of. When he talks about corporate blogs and how they rank on the bottom of the credibility list, I have to say I am not surprised. When I read corporate blogs I find I feel in a haze. I’m not really into reading them. I would much rather interact with them vie facebook or twitter, personally. I also question how authentic those corporate blogs really are. There are some company blogs that I would be interested in reading (when I have spare time). But like I said I much rather interact via other social media means. Blogs are good but I feel like conversation isn’t always authentic and isn’t as great as say facebook.

Side note:

I actually have a handful of blogs. A few personal, one for class (this one), one that I’m revamping for people who have lost a parent to cancer, and possibly starting a food blog but I doubt that will happen.I enjoy blogging especially for personal use

Podcasts are probably the thing I am least familiar with. I don’t really understand them and I have never really listened or used them. (So if any one wants to give me a crash course! :hint hint:)

Lastly Brian goes into talking about Wiki’s. And as he brought up and what most people tend to thinks of first when you here wiki is Wikipedia. With wikis you can edit, add, and update information about well anything. I only learned a few years ago that you could edit articles, that was until someone decided to mess with the one about the high school I went to as a senior prank. Which proves that wikis can be tricky when it comes to information that is user generated.


I have a love hate relationship with social calenders, from what I have experienced anyways. Mot of it comes from the numerous facebook events that bombard me from orgs I am a part of and Greek life. Most of the time I just hit ignore or just never respond. I did find it cool however the different sites Solis goes over in the book that he used. (I’ll have to check them out, may be cool when organized future gatherings with friends)