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Mcdonalds twitter mistake

So last week I read about this new twitter campaign gone horribly wrong with McDonalds and I have to put my two cents in.


For those who don’t know earlier ths month McD’s launched a twitter campaign featuring a sponsored twitter hashtag (#McDStories) The hopes were that those on twitter would tweet their positive encounters and stories about the fast food chain.


What happened was anything but that.


It turned into basically an outcry for animal activists and those with horror stories of finding everything from hair to nails in their food. Talk about a #McFlop. It was seen that it was going as everything but planned and they worked to take down McDStories and launch #TheLittlethings.


Now we all know that with every social media campaign or with any campaign things will not go as plan and there are always going to be some negative responses. With that being said, I feel like fast food has been under fire a lot for how the meat is processed, what is really in the food, how healthy or unhealthy it may be, among other things. I’m sure I know at least a handful of people who have had less than satisfying encounters with fast food chains including McDonalds. Personally I feel that knowing how there is so MUCH negativity out their against fast food launching a twitter campaign that serves basically as a platform that gives us the mic to vent that negativity was not the smartest choice.


Before the McDStories they launched #MeetTheFarmers which went as planned. Maybe they should have left it at that or did some more brainstorming first.


When I looked up the hashtag on twitter most of what I found was people tweeting about that whole situation. But aside from that all all the negativity I found the few positive ones including memories of eating contests with the 50 piece nuggets and memories of eating happy meals as a child.


It may or may not take the fast food chain to bounce back from all that but despite the bed that they made I wouldn’t be surprised if sales either stay steady or go up. Whether the buzz was good or bad they still got buzz that can generate sales.