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Chapters 6/7

In chapter 6, Brian Solis goes into detail about the use of images. One thing that really caught my eye was the astounding amount of images uploaded to facebook each month. ONE BILLION. I was initially taken aback but, if you really think about it sounds about right. With 200+ million users, it would only take each user 5 photos a month to make that number. Think about how many times a day you notice people uploading pictures to facebook using their smartphones?


I really enjoyed reading about Flickr in chapter 6. I have been on Flikr maybe a handful of times that I can remember. I guess it hasn’t really been something that I got into using. I also didn’t know that companies utilized as he talked about in the book. I always associated with those kids in high school that were really into photography. Chapter 6 has made me want to go back and really explore Flikr.

When I checked out Jet Blue’s Flickr page I saw what he was talking about when he said the photos reveal the human side to a corporate brand. I know as a consumer I like to see the lighter side of things. To know that some of these brand have a human side that is authentic. I also saw where they said that one of the purposes was for both corporate/staff/customer to interact. Though at the same time I got the feeling the Jet Blue’s consumers don’t really know much about this Flickr page since many of the photos were either professional or posted by staff.

Chapter 7 was interesting to read too. Being that I am a pr major and a marketing I see how they intertwine with one another. When he said we have to produce and promote compelling material in communities where our consumer are using the methods they prefer. I couldn’t agree more. You’d be wasting time/money/efforts to try and get your market and consumers to go where you want them to go instead of going right to them.

Another point her made that in my mine I was like :standing ovation please: was when Brian talked about not making visitors create new log ins and having them link everything to twitter or facebook. At first when I started encountering this I was a little skeptic.  I wasn’t sure if linking websites to my facebook was a smart thing. Were they going to post to my wall? Send my countless emails? But now that I’ve link numerous websites with my facebook/twitter log in I’ve realized how big of a benefit it is. I have enough accounts with various websites/emails/etc  and each with their own log in and having the convenience now is so much easier. I don’t have to panic when I don’t match the right email with the right password with the right website. I agree it makes it so much more inciting and easy. the easier and effortless it is, more often than not you will get more traffic and people signing up for accounts.

When he went into talking about Panosonic it instantly sparked curiosity and I had to check out the website. …which resulted in me sitting on their for nearly an hour exploring all the different areas of the site. The website really exemplifies that a photo is worth a thousand words.Not only photos but videos in the Panosonic’s case.